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Coriolis meter CG-25, DN25mm, max. flow rate 200kg/min, mass accuracy grade 0.2, has the character of wide application, convenient installation, high reliability, low maintenance, etc.



Technical parameters:

Model no. CG-25
Mass accuracy grade 0.2
Max.flow rate 200kg/min
Temp.accuracy ±1°C
Zero stability 0.017kg/min
Repeatability 0.02%
Nominal diameter 25mm
End connection Customizable
Fluid temperature -200~200°C
Wetted parts Stainless steel 316L
Sensor housing Stainless steel 304
RH ≤95%,non condensed
Pressure drop ≤0.2MPa
Ex-mark Ex[ib]IIBT1~T6 Gb / Ex[ib]IICT1~T6 Gb
Atmospheric Pressure 86~106kPa
Operating Voltage AC85~265V,DC24V
Communication port RS485Modbus RTU
Packing 1set/carton
Package size 690*670*410mm
G.W. 21kgs
Warranty 2 years