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    Coriolis meter

    The Coriolis meter manufactured can not only measure liquid、gas, but also liquid & solid, gas & solid. It measures mass flow, instantaneous value and accumulative total, density or the percentage of two-component fluid; meanwhile, it has the function of total quantitative control, called 21st century high accuracy mass flow meter.


    Development of new products

    Sealand has professional R&D and manufacturing team, communicates & cooperates with colleges in domestic and research institutes, learns the core technology and manufacturing technique, and also has the strength and potential of leading technology.


    Factory equipment

    Sealand has modernized workshops and advanced completed production & testing facilities, with the ability to design, produce, install and debug according to your special requirements for the application of all industries.


    Calibration System

    The calibration system is designed according to the highest standards, “static quality method verification certificate of water flow standard device” certified, with several pipelines, completely software control, and real-time report.


    Company Profile

    We never stop our pace to pursue excellent quality!


    。。Zhejiang Sealand Technology Co.,Ltd., is an innovative developing hi-tech enterprise, with total investment of 130 million CNY. It covers an area of 40000 square meters and has modern workshop and advanced, completed production and testing facilities. With the pursue of updating technology and promoting the quality of production, it makes efforts on company managing, has established an effective managing system, and obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18000 for quality, environmental, and safety system.

    。。Our company has two hi-tech product series: Mass flow meter series and fluid balance detector series. It’s the eternal pursue of Sealand to focus on the R&D of hi-tech products and innovation in frontier areas of science and technology. Sealand is looking forward to having close cooperation with you and creating a bright future together.>>video


    Coriolis meter is a new-style metering instrument that can directly measure mass flow of a fluid in closed pipeline, in accordance with Coriolis force. It is composed of flow sensor and flow transmitter. Coriolis meter has been widely used in the flow metering of oil & gas, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, heating power, electricity, food industry, etc because it can measure the mass flow directly and has the features of high accuracy, wide application, convenient installation, high reliability, low maintenance, etc.