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    。。Sealand has devoted to the R&D of automatic controlling system of oil & gas since 1989, and has long-term service on the controlling of energy tech energy metering field. It started the R&D of mass flow meter according to the domestic & international situation and self-development in 2009. Cooperating with famous CMF researching experts and advanced technical persons,many years later,Sealand has competitive advantages that meet the international standard. The core technology, manufacturing technology, performance of mass flow meter have reaches or exceeds international level. The accuracy is much higher than international industry standard and owns the ideal state of “Good quality, made in China”.
    。。Mass flow meter,as a key instrument in industrial automatic control and stable fluid metering,is used in oil, chemical industry,food,metallurgical,science research and other areas more and more widely. Sealand not only pays high attention to the R&D of mass flow meter, but also to the research of automatic control system.Sealand’s development direction is to offer whole system and technical support in Coriolis meter application to customers.